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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Fast Do I Get Access To Ageless?

    Like I said, you get access to Ageless as soon as you complete your order on the next page. And because you're about to go inside our private members area, you won't have to wait for a package to arrive... You'll be discovering the secrets of Ageless in less than two minutes from now.

  • What Percentage Of Younger Women Will This System Work On?

    In general, I've found that about 20% of younger women are uniquely attracted to older men. Now, I know that 20% doesn't sound like a lot... But trust me, it is. Think about how many women you see every time you leave the house! More importantly, your chances of sleeping with that 20% are incredibly high. You just have to be able to recognize them. Ageless will show you how.

  • If I Invest In Ageless Today, And This Page Comes Down, Will I Lose Access To The Program?

    Nope. No way. If I'm forced to take down this page, it'll be because this page is public. However, the private members area is just that - private. So if you're not a member, you can't even see it - which is why you'll always be able to access the Ageless system and return for unannounced surprise bonuses. On top of that, you can stream the dozens of HD videos that make up the program anytime you like.

  • What's The Difference Between Ageless And Any Other Dating Advice?

    You know, I shouldn't even answer this question, because there IS nothing out there even remotely similar to Ageless. This program is the only system in the world that teaches you how to attract younger women. More importantly, Ageless removes all the guesswork, and practically eliminates rejection - because it helps you identify young women who WANT to be with older guys. And that makes your life so much easier. So what's the difference between Ageless and whatever generic dating advice is out there? The difference is getting laid. But don't just take my word for it... click the big button below now to try out the program absolutely risk free.

  • I'm A MUCH Older Man, Will The System Still Work For Me

    Yes it will, but with one caveat... If you're so old that you're stuck in bed, and don't have the energy to talk to a younger woman (let alone have sex with a younger woman), then this system probably won't work for you. In other words, it does require some effort. And hey, I know better than most how getting older, and getting rejected, can crush motivation.

    But I also know that gaining a powerful advantage over younger women can help restore your lost confidence, and grant you newfound energy. So I can say with great confidence that Ageless works extremely well for much older men. In fact, I'd argue that besides paying for sex, it's the ONLY thing that works for older men. I know because I have clients, successful clients who are in their mid to late 70's. And that's the beauty of this system. We're cherry picking younger women who really can't resist older guys. And that includes MUCH older guys.

  • I'm Stuck In The Friend-Zone With A Younger Woman. Will Ageless Help Me?

    I wish I could say yes. But the truth is, I don't know. It really all depends on whether or not she's secretly attracted to older men... But if she's a friend of yours, as in, she talks to you and even spends time with you... then it's a very good sign. And that's why inside of my system, I'll show you how to covertly find out if there's even the slightest spark of interest... And if there is, then I'll show you amplify that interest until she burns with desire for you.

  • What If I Want A Relationship With A Younger Woman? Will Ageless Help Me?

    Well, that's what makes Ageless so unique... It can be used to play the field, and sleep with dozens of sexy young women... or it can be used to lock down a loyal, loving partner. This is because we're identifying younger women who have a genuine interest in older men. And when you're able to identify these special young ladies, suddenly you have options. If you want to have fun and enjoy multiple partners, you can do that. If you want a secret sex buddy, you can do that. And if you meet someone that you really like, then you can make her yours, and potentially even turn her into a lifelong companion. The reason you have such a broad array of choices, is because we are specifically targeting younger women who prefer older men. So she's not gonna feel like she's giving anything up. She's gonna feel happy. And she's going to like you for you. Click the big button below now to get Ageless for yourself.

  • Does Ageless mean I need to spend money on girls? What if I'm broke?

    No, you do NOT have to spend money on girls, or shower them with gifts. Because the moment you actually do that, it sends a secret message to her subconscious, and to yours:

    A message that says "You are not enough"to keep her happy, so you have to give her money and gifts to compensate. In other words, your intentions might be quite innocent, but the fact is, giving her money and gifts can poison the dynamic. However, with Ageless in your corner, you won't need to give her anything to maintain her interest. She's already interested. She's more attracted to you, than to someone her own age. That's why your financial situation is totally irrelevant.

  • Is My Credit Card Safe?

    Yes, your credit card information is absolutely safe. Here's why: When you invest in Ageless right now, the only thing I ever see is the last 4 digits of your credit card, and your email address. We really try to keep our members as anonymous as possible, so we purposely store very little info. Plus, when you submit your info on the next page, it's immediately shielded by 256 bit encryption, and then sent directly to the processing bank. In fact, it's actually a lot safer than when you use your credit card in a department store or a restaurant because there's no employee physically handling it. So you can feel ultra confident, as you click the big button below, and enter your information on the secure checkout page.

  • Can I Trust Your Guarantee?

    Yes, absolutely, you can trust my guarantee.

    Look, this system is my baby, and it's incredibly near and dear to my heart. Hell, it might even be what I'm remembered for. So I'll be damned if I let anything hurt that legacy. Which is why it's so important that I honor my promise to you. If I don't, it'll ruin my reputation and tarnish something that I'm incredibly proud of. Beyond that, if you don't get the results you're looking for, I don't want your money. It's more important for me to maintain a good relationship with you, and keep the door open for future projects than to make a few extra bucks. Point being, it's actually in my own best interest to make sure you are 100% satisfied. And if for any reason, you're not completely happy, then getting your money back is easy and hassle free. All you have to do is send an email or call us up toll free, and a friendly customer service rep will happily refund every penny. Quite frankly, the only one taking the risk here is me, because it's possible - and I doubt you're the type of person to do this - but you could just buy the system, start banging a bunch of younger girls - then shoot me an email to get your money back. But I'm not worried about that because I'm confident that after you learn my method, and begin to experience its benefits, you'll be truly grateful. Bottom line: Yes, you can trust my guarantee.

  • How Fast Will I Get Results

    Well, that depends on how fast you go through my program, and then implement the secrets.

    I've had guys get Ageless, go through it, and get laid within a day or two. But to be fair, I've also had guys invest in Ageless, and then never even login to watch the program. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, it really boggles my mind. So I can tell you right now, if you're the kind of guy who might do that - then you probably shouldn't invest in this program. Because space is limited, and I'd rather give your spot to a man who is going use the system, and actually enjoy its immense benefits.



Easily identify young women who can't resist older men, plus, get HER to make the first move without coming onto her, or coming across creepy.


This trick helps floods her brain with Oxytocin (the 'cuddle chemical') and then anchors her pleasure to YOU. WARNING: Do NOT use this trick unless you're prepared for an intense emotional attachment.


She's cute, but you can tell that she wants your money. Just recite this short speech, and not only will you DESTROY her ability to ask for compensation, you'll transform her greed into respect and admiration.


You just used your x-ray specs to sleep with a younger woman, and you actually enjoy her company. Now, use this easy secret to transform a one night stand, into a no strings attached, regularly scheduled hookup.

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Also Be Two Lines Long

I have a confession to make...

I love younger women.

Their beauty and youthful exuberance is like a drug to me.

And I'm not ashamed to admit that my fondest memories are of the countless young women who I've shared my bed with.

These days, not much has changed for me.

I sleep with brand new, sexy young women on a regular basis - without spending money on them, or showering them with gifts.

They genuinely like me, for me.

It's extremely fulfilling.

But as an older man, it wasn't always like that...

In fact, once I turned 50, I found it progressively harder and harder to sleep with younger women.

I would still try of course... but the sting of rejection was extremely painful... Suddenly, I had become that 'creepy old guy' - it was VERY depressing.

Until one day, I stumbled onto a secret that altered the course of my sexual destiny... a secret that I will reveal to you in the video above.

Best of all, this secret is covert and totally under the radar.

So you never risk exposure or embarrassment.

Make sure you watch until the end of this video, it's going to shock your socks off!